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Summer Solutions: Keeping Common Pests at Bay in Arizona

Affordable Pest Control is here to help you enjoy a pest-free summer in Arizona! As temperatures rise, it’s not just humans who seek relief from the scorching heat; pests like mosquitoes, ants, scorpions, and more also make their presence known. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with some practical tips and preventive measures to keep these pesky creatures away. Let’s dive in!

Is Your Home Ready for Fall Pests?

As the seasons change from fall to winter, night temperatures cool down and pests like spiders, roaches, and scorpions begin to seek warmth indoors. Those without regular pest control services will notice more pest activity than those with Affordable Pest Control’s regular pest control service.

Four Most Common Arizona Scorpions

Arizona is known for scorpions. Whenever you chat with an out of towner, you’re likely to be asked – “are there a lot of scorpions?” The answer is yes, but with regular pest control, you can rest assured you won’t find them in your house and you can even limit them on your property.

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Lori M.
23:09 28 Sep 23
Josh was wonderful ~ friendly and informative! Our first service and it went great! Thank You
Suzanne S.
11:54 27 Sep 23
Jake is very professional and courteous. He takes pride in his job and it shows each time he comes to the property. I have been very happy with Affordable Pest Control and very happy with Jake. You are lucky to have a good employee like Jake.
Betsy Z.
01:26 23 Sep 23
Mike B.
20:12 22 Sep 23
Ray does an awesome job. We would like Ray only to do our home !
Bud V.
01:27 22 Sep 23
Dorothy W.
18:26 20 Sep 23
Very polite pleasant young man. Quite knowledgeable and had very helpful infirmation
Karen K.
20:27 19 Sep 23
Great Service!
Kaitlin K.
15:38 18 Sep 23
Free Q.
23:55 15 Sep 23
The owners of this company care about your experience. Refreshing and highly recommended. My weapons were useless w/ the bees but Tony & Team knew what to do!
Jean O.
01:44 15 Sep 23
Joseph R.
16:36 14 Sep 23
eric N.
23:02 13 Sep 23
Carlos M.
23:02 09 Sep 23
Love Affordable Pest Control services and the results we see each time. Great customer service along with awesome spray technicians.
Tony R
04:32 09 Sep 23
KUDOS Keys, was very friendly and customer oriented. Affordable Pest service is very responsive easy to work with and does a fantastic job.
Lori R.
23:46 05 Sep 23
Very polite, respectful and professional. We are very happy with our first service! I was impressed with how he explained what he had done and what we should look out for. We’ve had pest control before but never of this caliber. Would highly recommend!
Beverly B.
19:27 05 Sep 23
Have used Affordable Pest Control since 2015 and have been satisfied with them. The tech was courteous and professional. They asked if I had any concerns and then proceeded to do their job quickly and efficiently. If you have a problem in between spraying, they have never failed to respond promptly.
Sandy L.
14:18 02 Sep 23
I highly recommend using affordable pest. I use them for my own home, recommend to all of my clients to use Affordable Pest as well. Their technicians are very knowledgeable on time and professionally dressed. The office management team is very courteous always trying to help and accommodate, my needs for myself and my clients.
Sandy M.
18:54 01 Sep 23
Have a gopher problem and contacted Affordable Pest Control over the weekend to help. They were here first thing Monday and came back in the afternoon to provide service. Excellent customer service and a fair price to boot. Highly recommend!Update to original post - my husband is very good at catching gophers but could not catch this one that was making hole after hole in our yard. Affordable Pest got this one in just a few tries. Very happy with their service and have now changed our regular pest service provider to Affordable Pest Control.Update regarding new service - Affordable Pest was here today to start our service. Josh was fantastic and did a thorough job. He also wore booties over his shoes which I thought just added to the professionalism. He explained everything thoroughly to me including a pet warning to allow for drying for 20 minutes and took care of our property inside and out including our garage and shop. Very happy with the service!
Steve C.
15:11 30 Aug 23
Affordable Pest Control does an excellent job! Our technician, Josh, is exceptional!
17:04 29 Aug 23
We have been clients of Affordable Pest Control for a couple of years now. They have excellent customer service and their technicians are always extremely polite, respectful and helpful. Their office staff is very responsive to inquiries. This is a 5 star company all the way.

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