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APC Pest Library Crickets

Crickets Facts & Treatment Options

Crickets are somewhat related to grasshoppers and most are active at night. There are more than 900 species of crickets. They prefer moist conditions and have somewhat flattened bodies and long antennae. Crickets are not harmful to humans, but can attach to clothing and fabrics within your house. In addition, they can be a nuisance because of their loud chirping. Crickets are a food source for bark scorpions.

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What You Can Do

Treatment Options for Crickets

The most effective way to get rid of crickets and prevent future infestations is to reduce areas of moisture in and around your home. Mow the lawn, weed plant beds and move woodpiles away from the structure. Provide adequate ventilation in crawl spaces, basements, etc.

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The APC Difference

Affordable Pest Control Crickets Treatment

Affordable Pest Control recommends a monthly or bi-monthly application to discourage crickets from entering your home.

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