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APC Pest Library Centipedes

Centipedes Facts & Treatment Options

Generally considered to be more of a nuisance than threat to homeowners, centipedes are found throughout the United States and world. When they invade homes, they are typically found in crawlspaces, bathrooms, potted plants, damp basements, and other areas of high moisture. While they do not typically pose an immediate threat to individuals, all house centipedes do have poison jaws that help paralyze or kill its prey.

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Treatment Options for Centipedes

Centipedes prefer moist, high-humidity environments to live. To eliminate these areas, repair water leaks, use dehumidifiers to keep basements dry, and run exhaust fans in bathrooms and attics to help eliminate excess moisture. Remove clutter. Centipedes will seek out spaces that provide protection.

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We recommend a monthly or bi-monthly pesticide application to treat and prevent centipede infestations.

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