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Common Monsoon Season Pests In Arizona

While monsoon season provides a much needed break from the heat and dryness, it can also bring out unwanted pests in Arizona. From annoying bugs to stinging pests, the rain might be welcomed, but these critters are not. Monsoon season typically starts in June and ends in September, though we can often see rain into the fall as well. This means that there are several months where you may see above average pest activity and may even need to consider ramping up your pest control services.

Affordable Pest Control has been serving the valley, including Queen Creek, Gilbert, and Mesa, for the past 10 years. When we say we’ve seen it all, we have, and this monsoon season is no different. That’s why we want to make you aware of some common pests that might be roaming your home and property during this year’s monsoon season.


You guessed it! This is one of the most common pests that plague Queen Creek and Gilbert, and surrounding areas during monsoon seasons. Why? Mosquitoes love the humidity and dampness that Arizona’s rainy season brings! These pests travel in massive groups, laying eggs wherever they can find standing water.

To prevent mosquitoes, ask Affordable Pest Control about mosquito fogging. It won’t completely eliminate all mosquitoes, but it will greatly reduce these pesky bugs. In addition, do your best to drain standing water like kiddie pools, buckets, and bird baths, and eliminate areas in your yard where water tends to pool up, etc. These efforts will reduce the likelihood that your yard becomes a sanctuary for mosquitoes this monsoon season.


It’s common to see an increase in activity with ants during monsoon season. When it rains, ants seek out shelter, leaving their previous homes behind. This isn’t good news for homeowners because they will try to get inside and find a food source. During monsoon season, ants have a tendency to begin new colonies and the moist soil makes it much easier for them to create nests – and invade your home.

Rather than wait for it to become an overwhelming problem, it’s important to remedy an ant infestation quickly and efficiently with Affordable Pest Control. We help homeowners and business owners in Queen Creek, Gilbert, and surrounding areas prevent and eliminate ants.


These pests are common year round, but become a particular issue during Arizona’s monsoon season. Termites are hazards to the home and you’ve probably heard your fair share of horror stories about the damage that they can cause. Although not every kind of termite in Arizona causes damage to a structure, the Queen Creek and Gilbert area does contain the desert subterranean termite, a common pest termite in the region that you may see swarming.

Just like with ants, termites become much more active when the soil is damp because it promotes digging. If you notice termites on your property, contact Affordable Pest Control right away to remedy the problem before it causes significant damage. If you discover mud tubes along the foundation of your home, the infestation may have already begun and time is of the essence.

Finally, Black Ground Beetles!

During the recent rain, we were flooded with calls and emails about these pesky little black beetles being found all over our customer’s yards and homes. Known as the Black Ground Beetle, they can appear in tremendous numbers and are attracted to bright lights.

They are classified as a harmless, occasional invader. If you are an Affordable Pest Control customer, the vast majority will die when they move across the pesticide we have applied around your home, so you are likely finding dead bugs all over. The pesticide is working and continues to work day after day as the beetles continue to come out of the ground.

To further prevent these beetles, keep your porch and patio lights off. If a few do manage to get inside your home, vacuuming them up is the easiest way to remove them. Please be patient and have confidence knowing that this is a short-term issue that will naturally subside and that the pesticide is effective in killing them.

Serving Queen Creek, Gilbert, and Surrounding Areas

This is not an exhaustive list of the bugs and pests that might be around your home or yard during monsoon season, but it gives you an idea of what to be on the lookout for. To protect your home and business, contact Affordable Pest Control. We’ve been serving the east valley for over 10 years. You can also request service online in just 2 minutes or less, get a quote today!

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