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Is my home at risk if a neighbor has termites?

If your neighbor has termites, it does increase the risk of termites spreading to your home or property. Termites are social insects and can move from one location to another, making it easy for them to spread from one property to another. Here are some reasons why your home may be at risk if your neighbor has termites:

  • Shared soil: Subterranean termites live underground and can move from one location to another through soil. If your home shares soil with your neighbor’s property, termites can easily move from their property to yours.
  • Close proximity: If your home is located in close proximity to your neighbor’s property, termites can move from their property to yours simply by crawling from one structure to another.
  • Infestation severity: If your neighbor’s property has a severe termite infestation, it increases the likelihood that termites will spread to your property.
  • Shared structures: If your home shares structures with your neighbor’s property, such as a common wall, roof, or foundation, it increases the risk of termite infestations spreading.

If you have concerns about termites in your area or if your neighbor has a known termite infestation, it’s important to schedule regular inspections by a professional pest control service to detect any potential issues early and take preventative measures to protect your property.

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