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APC Pest Library Fleas

Fleas Facts & Treatment Options

Fleas are wingless insects with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. They feed on the blood of both birds and mammals. Fleas are typically brought into a home by your pet, but can also be driven into a house during long periods of wet weather.

Plans & Pricing

What You Can Do

Treatment Options for Fleas

The best treatment is prevention. Once fleas have taken hold, it can be tough to get them under control. While you get ready for a pest control treatment, you can treat your animals for fleas, deep clean your home, replace your pet’s bedding, and schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

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Affordable Pest Control Fleas Treatment

Our recommended treatment is going to depend on which areas your home has been infected. We will recommend that you treat your pets, do a deep clean on your home, and schedule a flea treatment, but also routine pest control to prevent a flea issue from happening again.

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